Top 3 Free Software Help Us to Save Money

Along with widespread availability of the network, many different kinds of desktop utility software come into being. Lots of them will charge users if they want to download or install such software. In the modern society, the living costs are increasing again and again. So many people would like to turn to the free versions of the computer apps, which will help us save lots of money. Common sense tells us that free software is usually less effective than the charge version.So can we find some freeware which is not only fee-free but also useful and effective? Luckily, my answer is YES. Today let’s share the top 3 freeware together.

AntiVir is the very first one we will recommend. As one of the very famous software from Germany, the function of anti-virus is undisputed powerful.The number of viruses which can be detected and removed by it is as many as 600,000 kinds. With the self-carried fire wall, it can protect our computer and workstation from the invasion of viruses. There are about one hundred million users who have chosen such software. They think it is easy to operate. The powerful performance, the excellent true-time property and ultra low occupancy of system resource are the key factors which attract so many users. In addition, it supports the network update and offers the comprehensive protection for your PC.

WinDirStat comes in the second place. It is a type of free statistical software for the hard disk volume, which can display the occupied space by different files in the disks in the form of full-color. With such tool, the users can easily figure out which software or what kind of apps takes up the valuable hard disk space. According to the color showed on the interface, users can click the color and the detailed information about the files will be listed singly. Such function can help the users to handle these files quickly and effectively. When you want to delete some files, you should be careful as the deleted files can’t be regained.

The last we will recommend is Advanced System Care Free 4. The advantage of this software is the comprehensive protection. As one kind of the comprehensive system maintenance software, it can give your computer full malware scan, deep registry fix, system optimization, shortcut fix, privacy sweep and junk files clean just by one click. Under its protection, you will enjoy a health Internet environment and stay away with some computer invaders such as malware, spyware, adware, viruses, Trojans and something like that. I have to say this is a perfect combination of fee free and powerful functions.

For those people who are looking for some freeware, then my mentioned three should be taken into consideration.