Stop Looking For Free iPhone Downloads!

The iPhone is the coolest cell phone on the planet today. Chances are that you stood in a long line and paid a pretty penny to get it, so why would you jeopardize your investment by downloading files from phony iphone download websites that could damage or completely wreck your phone? If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

It is illegal to download copyrighted material. A lot of these sites aren’t really free at all especially if you end up paying a huge fine or worse end up in jail. Do you really think it’s worth jail time to get a free game or song? I didn’t think so. So what’s the alternative? At $10.00 per CD and up to $40.00 or more for one season of your favorite TV show, loading up your iPhone could put a huge dent in your pocket. Since the iPhone was introduced to the world, iPhone membership sites have popped up all over the web, but how can you tell which ones are legit?

Avoid any download websites that offer free downloads, file limits, don’t offer tech support, and don’t have working links on their site. These are sure signs the site isn’t offering quality service which could lead to files containing viruses or illegal material. Legitimate iPhone download sites offer unlimited downloads(no time, file, or bandwidth limits), 24/7 access to their database, phone/email/online tech support, and free software. Most iPhone download websites offer a lifetime membership for $40-$50, however, there are a few that offer monthly or quarterly memberships from $19.95-24.95. When you compare the cost of membership versus pay-per-download the picture becomes quite clear.

Are you a “Lost” fan? If so, one season of “Lost” could cost up to $35.00, add a couple of movies, and a few of your favorite CDs and you’ve spent almost $100.00 for five or six downloads. If you belonged to an iPhone download website, those same six items would cost at most $50.00. The biggest difference can be seen when you decide to download additional media. At iPhone download membership sites every future download would cost you $0.00 and you could download as much as you want. You are the foremost authority on your download needs, so you’ll have to decide which iPhone download website is the best fit for you.

The following tips will help you with your search. Look for download websites that offer the following services.

1. 24/7 access to the database.

2. Unlimited downloads. (no time, file, or bandwidth limits)

3. Tech support by phone, email, or online.

4. Step by step help guides or tutorials that make the software easy to use.

5. Free convertible software.

Join an iPhone download website today and load up your phone legally and safely.

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