Free Software – Or Maybe Not?

So, I finally decided to splash out on some new Movie Maker or Video Editing software. Like most people probably would I opted to do a spot of research before I committed. I would rather have good free software if I can get it but I am also prepared to pay for it if required.

Anyone having gone through this painful exercise before will appreciate how time consuming it is. Firstly you have to beware of all those helpful folk who creatively explain how wonderful this or that software is – usually under a title such as “Top Free Video Editors” or “Best Free Movie Editing Programs” or similar enticing titles which ultimately end up with a bias write up and a referral link to the provider through their commission account URL.

Sometimes it becomes quite clear that the writer has not even bothered to download and use the software. When they have used the software the bias is often always towards their best commission provider. This does not bother me too much.

What does bother me is the blatant advertising of products under the banner of “Free Software” which you either have to download to find that half the features do not work unless you opt for the full upgrade or when they imply “Free” they were referring to the 30 day trial.

Suffice to say that we all end up downloading tons of useless software only to have to uninstall it all again. I have made a conscious decision to no longer look at the free software unless it comes by recommendation. It simply is not worth all the trouble, deceit and broken promises.

Seriously, life is too short. If you want something then go straight to the branded products where the price is clearly stated, the support outlined in writing, and if anything is dubious then move on to the next big player. At least the branded goods have reputations they can ill afford to lose if they get things wrong.

We have all spent hours struggling with this install or that install which for one reason or another refuses to do what it is supposed to do. Our computers are all configured differently and we have a variety of programs of which any one could be causing a conflict with the new install. This is accepted. This is the norm.

However, when you are stuck, and you have reached the point where your PC is about to become airborne, you will think about contacting support and you will want that support to be there when you call.

3 Top Tips For Finding Free iPhone Downloads

If you are looking to fill up your new iPhone with all of your favorite titles, you are not alone. The demand for free iPhone downloads has risen and now over 9,900 people each month search Google for that exact search term.

A Quick Caution

Unfortunately, many of the “free” iPhone downloads floating around are part of torrent sites. Besides the fact that they are illegal, torrent sites are also known to harbor computer viruses, spyware, adware and other nasty things along with their downloads. Beware of these sites and downloads and be sure to ask yourself if it’s really worth taking the risk of damaging your computer or getting caught.

For that reason, many people prefer to find affordable ways to find downloads for their iPhones. If you are looking for a source to download items for your iPhone, read on for a few tips on how to find the best download service.

Choosing a Download Service

Tip #1: Compare The Offers

If you are looking for free iPhone downloads of apps and “widgets”, Apple has the iPhone App Store where you can download a number of tools and web applications. If you hunger for more and are looking for music, movies and games as well there are a number of download services for iPhone users. These services are not free, but they are safe.

First, you have Apple’s own iTunes. They offer both music and movies on a pay-per-download basis. For music, this is usually .99/track. While a buck a song doesn’t seem like much, it can add up if you are filling up your new iPhone with all of your favorites.

If that’s the case, you may be more interested in an unlimited download service. These run less than $50 for lifetime access to their service, software and support. Many of these unlimited download services offer more than just music and movies. You can find games, software, screensavers, ringtones and more.

Tip #2: Good Customer Support is Priceless

Here’s another good reason to pay for downloads – service. Transferring files from computer to iPhone can be tricky, especially for new users. Unless you rely solely on iTunes, there are often conversions to be made to the files before transfer so that they will play on an iPhone.

A good unlimited download service will cover all of this in tutorials. They take the initiative to show you how to do it and customer service is right there should you run in to problems. As with any digital service, customer support is a major deciding point for consumers.

Be sure to read the terms of any download website and find out if they offer 7 day/week support. Usually support will come in the form of email support or trouble ticket systems. Thats generally industry standard as offering phone support would be too costly and customers would end up paying higher prices in the end.

Tip #3: Is there software and help to transfer your choices from computer to iPhone?

Remember when I said transferring files to iPhones can be tricky? Thats why finding a download service who provides software to convert and transfer your choices is a good investment. Many download services offer this as a bonus for their members along with information on how to use it.

The time you can save with the help of software and expert guidance is well worth paying a small fee for access to the site. By going with a reputable download service you can ensure a safe, affordable and trouble free downloading experience.

Is There a Best Registry Repair Software Download?

If you are overwhelmed with trying to find the best registry repair product and are not confident in what to look for, this article can assist you. You will find information on what qualities exist in high quality registry cleaners and how to get your problem fixed quickly and easily.

What Are the Qualities Offered by the Best Registry Software Downloads?

Quality One: Simple and Easy to Use Download and Interface

Keep in mind that the top software programs will have a free download and initial scan. This will allow you to go through the download and scan steps without feeling like you have to purchase the software. This means that you can figure out what the software is like before purchasing it.

Once you download the software, see how easy it is to navigate the interface choices (like scan options). See if descriptions of each feature are present via mouse click or help files. If the software is easy, the repair process should be easy too.

Quality Two: Scan Options

The best registry repair software tools will have both repair and optimization features in the same program. It used to be good enough to just repair corrupt files. Now the standard has been raised and there are system optimizer features, including internet browser plug in removers, and evidence and junk file scans.

Make sure that there are a number of file types scanned like Shared Program Paths, Application Paths, File Associations, Active X/Coms/OLE, Font Files, Help Files, Toolbars, Shared DLL Files, Invalid Shortcuts, Most Recent Files, and Startup Files.

Quality Three: File Back Ups are Automatic

When you repair your registry, it is a good feeling to know that your files were saved in case you do not approve of the changes made. It is always good to have a back up that happens without you having to initiate it. The best registry repair software downloads offer this feature.

Quality Four: Choice of Which Files to Repair

This quality is directed more toward people who have advanced knowledge of the registry. If you are a beginner to the registry repair world, you do not need to worry as most software programs are designed to fix only what needs to be fixed.

Quality Five: Long-Term License

You will need to maintain the registry over time. The best registry repair tools have a long-term license of a year. This will allow you to do a weekly scan and repair for the same initial cost. If it is only intended for a one time use, do not buy the software.

What is Next?

Step One: Do a Free Download and Scan

The important part is to ensure that registry problems are actually present before spending your hard earned money on a repair tool. Download the software, do a free scan, and if errors are found move on to the next step. If not, save your money.

Step Two: Purchase the Repair Function of the Program

If errors are found, it is your best bet just to purchase the repair option in the same software used for the scan. The repair only takes moments to complete. Rerun the scan after you purchase and repair the files. If all errors are gone, proceed to the next step. If errors still exist, do the repair one more time.

Step Three: Restart Your Computer

Changes will save and apply by restarting the computer. The system should be much faster and more efficient now. You should truly notice a difference.