Top 3 Free Software Help Us to Save Money

Along with widespread availability of the network, many different kinds of desktop utility software come into being. Lots of them will charge users if they want to download or install such software. In the modern society, the living costs are increasing again and again. So many people would like to turn to the free versions of the computer apps, which will help us save lots of money. Common sense tells us that free software is usually less effective than the charge version.So can we find some freeware which is not only fee-free but also useful and effective? Luckily, my answer is YES. Today let’s share the top 3 freeware together.

AntiVir is the very first one we will recommend. As one of the very famous software from Germany, the function of anti-virus is undisputed powerful.The number of viruses which can be detected and removed by it is as many as 600,000 kinds. With the self-carried fire wall, it can protect our computer and workstation from the invasion of viruses. There are about one hundred million users who have chosen such software. They think it is easy to operate. The powerful performance, the excellent true-time property and ultra low occupancy of system resource are the key factors which attract so many users. In addition, it supports the network update and offers the comprehensive protection for your PC.

WinDirStat comes in the second place. It is a type of free statistical software for the hard disk volume, which can display the occupied space by different files in the disks in the form of full-color. With such tool, the users can easily figure out which software or what kind of apps takes up the valuable hard disk space. According to the color showed on the interface, users can click the color and the detailed information about the files will be listed singly. Such function can help the users to handle these files quickly and effectively. When you want to delete some files, you should be careful as the deleted files can’t be regained.

The last we will recommend is Advanced System Care Free 4. The advantage of this software is the comprehensive protection. As one kind of the comprehensive system maintenance software, it can give your computer full malware scan, deep registry fix, system optimization, shortcut fix, privacy sweep and junk files clean just by one click. Under its protection, you will enjoy a health Internet environment and stay away with some computer invaders such as malware, spyware, adware, viruses, Trojans and something like that. I have to say this is a perfect combination of fee free and powerful functions.

For those people who are looking for some freeware, then my mentioned three should be taken into consideration.

Free AntiVirus Downloads

Are you scared of free antivirus downloads? Are you convinced they are all worthless? Do you feel the purpose is just to get you to install them so they can grab your personal information? Have you asked yourself why would they be giving it away for free if it is such a great product? I’m a network engineer with over a decade of experience and I’d like to take a few minutes to present the facts about free antivirus downloads.

First, free antivirus programs are just as effective at finding viruses as the pay-for versions. I know what you are thinking: then why give it away? The answer is, to get you hooked on how good it works so you buy the pay-for version later. The good free versions are usually timed trials that allow you to run the software for one year and then decide to buy it after that. They can also be packaged as JUST an antivirus program and if you want extras like email protection or download scanning then you have to buy the full version. You can guess that if they gave you an antivirus program that didn’t work very well, they would never get any sales from the trial versions.

Let’s be clear on something, yes some bad people on the internet do release malicious software under the disguise of free antivirus programs in an effort to corrupt your computer and maybe even worse. The same can also be said of any other computer program, bad guys do the same thing to recipe programs, weight-loss tracking programs and any other kind of software on the internet. So what is a person to do, how can I find the real stuff? One answer is to stick with well-known products from the manufacturer or some other TRUSTED websites that link to the manufacturers, like mine below.

OK, your next question is, what are the well known free antivirus downloads? Luckily they all start with the letter A and they are: Avast, Avira and AVG. So, what is so great about these three programs? Well, an independent non-profit organization that tested many of the top brands ranked all three of these programs over Symantec (Norton) and McAfee, (the report can be found at the website listed below on the download page). This organization tested the pay-for versions by putting each one on an identical computer and then infecting the computers with a virus to see if it was found. The computers were hit with over 20,000 different forms of malware and the highest ranking product was only able to find 69% of them. You would be very surprised to see where some of the big names like McAfee ranked.

OK, now you know a few things:

  • Yes, there are bad antivirus programs on the internet but if you stay with trusted sites like the well-known manufacturers page, you are relatively safe.
  • You also know that many good free antivirus downloads start with the letter A: Avast, Avira and AVG.
  • I am currently using Avast on my home computers and I really like it. It comes with a one year trial and I was also able to renew it for a second year free.

Software Utilities Downloads That New Computers Should Have – My Top FREE 40 Picks

After purchasing a new computer, it is vital to ensure that one has all of the latest software to help keep your new computer running efficiently. Fortunately many of these offerings are available, online, as FREE software downloads. Most are even considered comparable to expensive, store-bought software.

As a webmaster, I understand that the overwhelming array of software, from which to choose, can be daunting. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, consider downloading FREE software, in order to meet many of your computer needs. After downloading the software, simply follow the directions to install it onto your system. Please note that although all the software is free, some might come with limited advertising. If you do not want the advertising, check the site’s disclaimers, before downloading.

The FREE Utilities Software Downloads include Virtual Light & sound Mahcine for DEEP RELAXATION, Microsoft Spyware Defender, AdAware Anti-Spyware, Microsoft Windows Update, MRU Blaster, Startup Applet, Cleanup Windows Washer, AVG Anti-virus Software, Sygate Personal Firewall, FreeRAM XP Pro, Picasa, IEspell, AutoSizer 1.54, Parental Control Bar, Mil Free Internet Eraser, MSN Desktop Search Toolbar, Google Toolbar with popup blocker, WinSock XP Fix, Microsoft RegClean, DzSoft Favorites Search, Opera, Open Office, FreeZip, WinRar, Divx Player, Screen Print, pdf Converter, Desktop Publishing, MP3 to WAV Decoder 2.5, WMA to MP3 Converter 2.8.5, WAV to MP3 Encoder 2.5, Real Player, QuickTime, Windows Media, Shockwave, Flash, Java, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Word Viewer.

Your computer is going to love you for installing this software. Click below to download your FREE programs! Jerry Solfanelli