Free Registry Scan Software Downloads – How Do These Work?

How do free registry scan software downloads work? Well, that depends on whether you are downloading free software or a free scan from a paid software. You follow me, so far?

Free Software – When downloading a free software program, you should always save the file to your desktop. This way you can scan for viruses and spyware, as these are often associated with free software.

Back up your computer. I recommend using the built-in Windows restore point system. If you want, you can use a third-party backup utility, and most registry cleaners come with a backup utility.

Free Scan – When downloading a free scan from a paid program, you do not necessarily have to scan the download. All of the top registry cleaners that I tested were scanned daily by an Anti-Virus system, like McAfee. You should still back up your computer, though.

These free registry scan software downloads allow you to see how many errors you have on your computer. Generally, the more errors the registry cleaner can find on your computer, the better the performance boost will be when they are repaired.

They also allow you to delete a percentage of your errors – or errors in one folder, in some cases. This will give your computer a small performance increase, and it’s free.

Finally, the free scans also allow you to tune your virtual memory or page file. This will also give your computer a slight performance increase.

The top registry cleaners outperformed the free registry scan software in my tests. The top registry repair programs also offer support, which most of the free cleaners do not offer.