Free PSP Downloads – A How To Guide

There are many different websites today where you can get hundreds of free PSP downloads in all gaming categories such as action, strategy, sports, adventure and more. Typically you can join and get a membership to these sites to get access to unlimited downloads free for your PSP. I will outline the steps below that you will need to take to start downloading your games.

1. Join one of the many membership sites that has a large database of PSP games that you gives you unlimited downloads.

2. The files are downloaded to your computer then you simply transfer the files straight to your PSP using a USB cable or compatible memory stick reader. Most sites will provide all the software needed and complete step by step instructions along with email support.

3. Your PSP can also function as a USB Memory Stick Duo reader. By using this device, you can copy photos, mp3, and other content to and from your Memory Stick Duo. Getting access to the Memory Stick Duo in your PSP from your computer, you will need a USB cable device that has a Mini B connector (this is common for digital cameras) and a Standard A connector (most available for printers and such.). Plug the “B” side into the top of your PSP and the “A” side into your computer. Using your PSP software it should recognize the USB device and you can begin transferring games to your PSP.

If you don’t have any PSP transfer cables or pro duo memory sticks, you can typically get them cheap at your local retailer such as Best Buy or even purchase them discounted on auction sites like eBay. These membership sites will also allow you to download not only games, but music, movies, and more. Since the transferring mechanism is the same for downloading games, it’s very easy for you to take advantage of all your favorite TV shows, DVD movies, and music.