Beware Of Free Antispyware Download

Though internet is a revolution in the present world, it has its own disadvantages. The security and privacy are at stake. The Internet is a dangerous place full of privacy invaders, scammers, and hackers availaing full advantage of your internet activities. You need to take certain preventive measures to avoid these threats. Spyware may get installed via certain shareware programs offered for download. Downloading programs only from reputable sources can provide some protection from this source of attack.

There are are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself safe. Antispyware, antivirus, firewalls or internet security suites are some of the software applications that can ensure your privacy. There are a number of good antispyware programs in the market today. At the same time, dozens of fake and rogue antispyware softwares are also prevailing in the market. They leave the traces of spyware and adware on your PC when scanned, thus creating a fear of threat and making yourself to buy that antispyware software. These rogue antispyware softwares are heavily marketed through e-mail campaigns and sometimes through some words like FREE ANTISPYWARE DOWNLOAD. Beware of them. Never run any free scan or free antispyware download unless you are aware of the software publishers.

If you find time, just go through the independent product reviews that are published by renowned computer magazines like PCWorld, PCMag, CNET. Spending some extra time on researching antispyware softwares can save you a lot of hassles in the long run. There are certainly some companies that specialize in delivering just good antispyware software programs and nothing else.

As a customer, everyone of us would be interested in evaluating the antispyware program. The four basic parameters which we look at the best antispyware software are price, features, ease of use, and performance. A growing number of antispyware tools are taking a new approach to fight the spyware. Rather than blocking each spyware and adware, they aim to limit malware’s power to cause harm even if it gets in.

Research analysts test the products’ ability to provide real-time defense on contact with threats, as well as their propensity to falsely identify harmless files. A real-time protection against rootkits and phishing sites is also one of the feature to test the accuracy of the antispyware software. Other user-friendly features like the ability to choose between a fast system scan and a slow system scan is a notable thing if you are run out of time.

Anti-phishing protection guards prevents access to known bad sites. Detecting malware is one thing; cleaning it thoroughly from your system is another. Some antispyware softwares claim that they have detected even the unnoticeable spyware and adware. But in reality one needs to have a thorough cleaning antispyware software application.

Some of the top most antispyware software programs are : Aluria Spyware Eliminator, AVG Antispyware, CA Antispyware, Lavasoft Ad-aware SE, Microsoft’s GIANT Antispyware, McAfee AntiSpyware , NoAdware, PC Tools Spy ware Doctor, Spybot Search & Destroy, Spyware Nuker, Webroot’s Spy Sweeper, XoftSpy.

In the above list, some are free antispyware downloads, the other are paid versions. Spybot S&D and Lavasoft offer free antispyware download. The major difference between a paid and free antispyware software is the presence of real-time adware and spyware protection and automatic updates in the paid ones. I don’t think for a few dollars, you would be at the pray of the spyware attack. Act wisely and you can be sure of your internet activities.